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artist statement

    " Becoming an artist is a hard job. For a lot of people, it doesn't even turn into a job. It takes a great amount of time, experimenting, learning, creating. It also makes the artist stand for what they believe in and stay true to their roots.  Not everyone is going to understand or appreciate your vision but the ones who do make all the time and effort worth while. Even though I am still young, I come from a generation of film photography. It's hard to believe how much the industry has changed  since then but nonetheless here we are. Yet I still cling to the past.  Even though I do shoot digitally in my professional freelance jobs  I like to keep a softer style to my work. I do not choose to do a lot of editing because I want the  beauty of the natural time and space to shine through. 

     Along with that I find myself constantly recognizing shapes, bold colors and different textures in my images which has stayed intact from my early years as an artist using drawing, painting, etching, lithography and many mediums besides photography.  With my images I  try to remember and represent what photography felt like before the digital age. I want my images to show the realistic beauty of what is in front of my lens and deliver those soft, quiet, memorable moments."


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